Why We Are Here

We love Bridgehampton

We love the potato & corn fields

We love the sandy soil and the open spaces

We love the ocean

We love Sag Harbor

We love sailing in the bay

We love to go fishing

We love barbeques

We love Almond and L&W Market (OK, we are biased, but we do!)

We love Pike’s farm stand, Serene Green, Loaves & Fishes, The Seafood Shop and Candy Kitchen

And the Channing Daughters and the wine and vineyard named for them, and Wolffer Estates and Summer in a Bottle

We love visiting the North Fork and we really love our friends at Beale & Bell

We love coming out east and being with our families and friends,

We love picturing young go-getters Charlie Marder and Martha Stewart pacing around with Alexis and picking a spot for some Redwoods.  Thank you Alexis & Charlie & Martha. We love your trees.

And boy do we love the Beach.

If those are the things you love,

We made something for you:

A Room at the Beach